BOS Basel 2020

Launched in 2006 by Bio2Business Ltd, the Biotech Outsourcing Strategies Events bring together stakeholders in R&D outsourcing to share experience, build existing outsourcing partnerships and forge new buyer/supplier business relationships. The established BOS Formula is built on 4 key pillars; Exhibition showcasing international CROs and CMOs;

RICT 2020 – 56th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry

The French Medicinal Chemistry Society (Société de Chimie Thérapeutique – SCT) is pleased to invite you to Bordeaux, France on July 1-3, 2020 for the 56th edition of the International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry (RICT 2020).
The congress will be devoted to “Interfacing Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery”.

Kinase 2020: 9th RSC / SCI symposium on kinase inhibitor design

With more than 49 FDA-approved small molecules, the field of kinase inhibition continues to attract significant investment from the drug discovery and development community. The 9th RSC/SCI symposium on kinases will encompass plenary lectures on emergent topics and case studies of ongoing programmes as well as successful past programmes.

Chemspec Europe 2020

Chemspec Europe 2020 provides the ideal platform for companies from the fine and speciality chemicals industry to present their new products and solutions as well as to identify synergies and business opportunities. The international trade show has become a powerful and well-known event in the industry and features the full spectrum of fine and speciality chemicals for various applications and industries,

21st Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2020

The R&D Series features 3 outstanding programmes bringing together Europe’s most successful pharmaceutical organisations, top biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions specialising in ​therapeutic areas. The event includes over 100 cutting-edge presentations and workshops, over 8 hours of valuable networking sessions,

5th Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology UK Congress

The Immuno Series features 2 outstanding programmes consisting of key discussion topics in Immuno-Oncology, Autoimmunity, Immunology and Inflammation, enabling attendees to gain actionable insights into the approaches impacting this field from the leading immunotherapy experts.

Small Molecules for Immunology & Oncology

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural Small Molecules for Immunology & Oncology conference is a merging of our long-standing Inflammation Inhibitors meeting with our more recent Small Molecules for Cancer Immunotherapy conference in recognition of the commonalities among the drug targets in both fields from the standpoint of a medicinal chemist.

Chemical biology symposium 2020

This symposium will showcase the state of the art in chemical biology, bringing together the wider community with leading national and international experts in the field. The programme will explore all aspects of chemical biology and highlight the wider scope and impact of the field.

RSC BMCS and RSC NAG 2nd Nucleosides and Nucleotides: Synthetic and Biological Chemistry

Nucleosides are key structures for current drug development and have established roles as antivirals and anticancer agents. Their (poly)phosphorylated nucleotide counterparts are critical tools for chemical biology and sequencing technologies. In recent years, nucleotides have also become fundamental building blocks for the preparation of altered genes and coding systems for synthetic biology.

British Toxicology Society (BTS)

The three day programme is packed with numerous sessions covering all aspects of toxicology for the Toxicologist, Safety Scientist, and Healthcare Professional. The conference brings together individuals from academia, industry, the NHS, regulatory science, and governmental agencies with a shared interest,

EASL’s annual International Liver Congress, ILC 2020

Every year in April, scientific and medical experts from a broad range of fields including hepatology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, cell biology, transplant surgery, infectious diseases, microbiology and virology, pharmacology, pathology and radiology and imaging come together from around the world to the International Liver Congress™ 

37th SCI Process Development Symposium

Process Development is the application of chemistry to the scale up of new synthetic processes from the laboratory, through pilot plant to full-scale commercial manufacture and into life cycle management. It is an extremely broad discipline, crossing the boundaries between synthetic organic chemistry,

37th SCI Process Development Symposium

This meeting brings together experts from across the entire spectrum of the discipline to present state of the art process development. As an established and well attended meeting, the process development symposium offers excellent opportunities for networking between like-minded process scientists of all levels of experience and from all areas of the chemical industry.


DCAT Week is the premier business development event for companies engaged in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing and related industries. It is organized and hosted by the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT). Held annually in March, DCAT Week ensures that members have a forum for high-level strategic meetings with key decision makers,

7th Annual Crop Protection Conference

The 2020 Conference will focus on the latest regulatory developments under Regulation 1107/2009. The opportunities and challenges facing our industry within the context of the European Green Deal will also be discussed.

10th Annual World ADC London 2020

Now in its 10th year, World ADC London prides itself in being the industry-leading conference to help forward thinking researchers from the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic community advance the development of antibody-drug conjugates.
Bringing together the latest ADC science, clinical data and lessons learned to enable drug developers to maximise the clinical therapeutic window of your ADC.

NCRI Cancer Conference 2020

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) is a UK-wide partnership of cancer research funders, established in 2001. Its member organisations work together to improve health and quality of life by accelerating progress in the cancer-related research, through collaboration.
NCRI works to coordinate research related to cancer,

World ADC London

Maximising the Clinical Therapeutic Window of Antibody-drug Conjugates
Now in its 10th year, World ADC London prides itself in being the industry-leading conference to help forward thinking researchers from the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic community advance the development of antibody-drug conjugates.


We are pleased to invite you to our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Launch event on Wednesday the 26th February 2020. This event will take place at Concept Life Sciences’ lead Chemical Development site at Discovery Park, Sandwich, home to our cGMP Manufacturing facilities.

15th Annual Biomarkers Congress UK

The Biomarkers Series UK features 2 outstanding programmes bringing together global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions working in the biomarker space across multiple therapeutic areas, such as immuno-oncology, neuroscience and cardiology.
The event includes over 70 cutting-edge presentations and workshops,

ACT Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is the heart of ACT. This November gathering brings together a community of toxicologists at small venues conducive to idea exchange, professional networking, and continuing education. Our first-rate scientific sessions are member driven, pharma focused (but not pharma exclusive),

Bio Europe

Concept Life Sciences is proud to be attending the 25th Annual Bio Europe Conference. Bio Europe attracts a wide range of business leaders, including senior executives of leading biotech companies, business development teams from large and midsize pharmaceutical companies, investors and other industry experts.

SITC Annual Meeting

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs brings together stakeholders across the cancer immunotherapy field to advance the science, discover breakthroughs and educate the world on cancer immunotherapy. As the largest conference solely focused on cancer immunotherapy,

2nd Annual Immuno-Oncology USA Congress

The Advances in Immuno-Oncology USA Congress is an exclusive event consisting of world-class keynote addresses and panel discussions designed specifically for senior level attendees from leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, academic, government and solution provider companies.

Delegates will benefit from:

An executive format providing intimate interaction with industry peers’ ideas and experiences through case study presentations and panel discussions
Networking opportunities and sharing ideas with other senior peers
Pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings between you and solution providers will provide you with an opportunity to forge partnerships and discover solutions
Post event follow up offering all documentation from the meeting and re-booking discounts
Tailor-made agenda – hand pick any conference and panel sessions you wish to attend

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20th SCI/RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

The 20th SCI / RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Europe’s premier biennial Medicinal Chemistry event, focusing on first disclosures and new strategies in Medicinal Chemistry. This conference will be of interest to both academic and industrial scientists engaged in all aspects of the drug discovery and development process.

Eurotox 2019

EUROTOX 2019 will take place in Helsinki, Finland from 8 to 11 September. The congress will offer a change to tackle with the burning chemical safety challenges of the next decade. The theme of the Congress is “Toxicology – Science Providing Solutions”.

RSC – 26th International Symposium : Synthesis In Organic Chemistry

The Synthesis in Organic Chemistry conference is a flagship event for the international organic chemistry community.
The Synthesis in Organic Chemistry conference provides an international showcase for the core area of organic chemistry – synthesis – covering all aspects of contemporary organic synthesis and providing a forum for the ever more exciting methodologies and strategies that continue to emerge.

ICWMRE 2019 : International Conference on Waste Management and Remediation Engineering

International Conference on Waste Management and Remediation Engineering aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Waste Management and Remediation Engineering. It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers,

Geotechnica 2019

The Geotechnica event aims to bring together the major players in the geotechnical industry in one place. This naturally promotes innovation to evolve through an ability to communicate directly with manufacturers, producers of equipment and materials, as well as experienced key personnel.

Chemspec Europe

Chemspec Europe 2019 unites an impressive array of experts, scientists, managers and thought-leaders and provides a powerful and well-known industry platform to discuss the latest market trends, technical innovations, business opportunities and regulatory issues in this rapidly changing market.
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BOS 2019

The Biotech Outsourcing Strategies event brings together stakeholders in pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing to share experience, develop knowledge and skills and build new and existing business partnerships. The scope of the event for 2019 will cover Discovery Outsourcing and Development Stage CMC Outsourcing for both Small Molecules and Biologics.

World Pharma Week

The CHI World Pharma Week is a key scientific and networking event yielding new partnerships that accelerate preclinical research and translation across all therapeutic areas. It offers a unique opportunity for leading scientists and executives from industry and academia as well as technology providers to come together and exchange expertise and opinions in the areas of disease modeling,

20th Annual Drug Discovery Summit

The 20th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit is an exclusive event designed for senior level attendees from leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations, along with highly esteemed members of academic institutions.

Delegates will benefit from :

An executive format that facilitates idea exchange and discussion of relevant experiences through case study presentations and panel discussions
Networking opportunities and knowledge share with highly-esteemed peers
Pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings with solution providers offering an opportunity to forge partnerships and discover innovative solutions
Post-event follow up providing all documentation from the meeting and re-booking discounts
Tailor-made agenda – hand pick any congress and panel sessions you wish to attend

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Automotive Interiors Expo Europe 2019

Concept Life Sciences is excited to be attending the Automotive Interiors Expo, which is a show that highlights quality, color, texture, touch, feel and innovation. Specialty finishes are a strong theme of the expo, with some companies offering plastic compounding and master batching,

4th Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology UK Congress

The 4th Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology UK Congress will have over 300 delegates from global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotechnology companies and world renowned academic institutions. To include, over 50 presentations and case studies focusing on the key developments in Immuno-Oncology from early discovery through to the clinic.


The 14th International IUPAC conference of Crop Protection will be a conjoined event with the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) and the International Symposium of Crop Protection (ISCP). The overall conference theme will be “Crop Protection: Education of the Future Generation”.

Mixiii-Biomed 2019

In the past Mixiii Biomed conferences, have dealt with diagnosis, monitoring and treatment domains, and this will continue this year as well. However,  the scope and range of topics has been expanded this year to explore trends and innovations that are shaping the future of the healthcare system to its full extent.

Brownfield and Contaminated Land Belfast

Brownfield and Contaminated Land 2019 will offer the most important and up-to-date information on innovative techniques for the risk assessment and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater, as well as strategies to deliver effective brownfield development within revised planning and policy frameworks in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

TotalDECOM 2019

TotalDECOM pro-actively encourages collaboration and the cross fertilization of knowledge, innovation and skills, across all sectors faced with a decommissioning responsibility –  from nuclear, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, renewables, defence even into space.

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CHI Drug Discovery Chemistry

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 14th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry is a dynamic conference for medicinal chemists working in pharma and biotech. Focused on discovery and optimization challenges of small molecule drug candidates, this event provides many exciting opportunities for scientists to create a unique program to hear presentations most suited to one’s personal interests by going back and forth among concurrent conferences.

The Future Of Swedish and Danish Life Science

The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science is considered as an international partnering event and includes a combination of partnering, presentations, exhibition and informal networking.These four core elements of the day run in parallel and ensure that the event is a lively,

Protein-Protein Interactions 2019

Virtually all vital cellular processes are controlled by protein-protein interactions (PPIs), including gene expression, proliferation, intracellular communication and apoptosis. The understanding and manipulation of PPIs therefore plays an important role in fathoming the biology of healthy and diseased states. Achieving this goal will lead to new probes of cell signalling pathways or systems biology,


Occupational Hygiene 2019 is the leading international conference in the field of worker health protection in the UK, focussing on occupational hygiene and the prevention of occupational ill-health and disease. Following on from the success of OH2018 which brought together a global audience of over 320 delegates,

AACR Annual Meeting

The AACR Annual Meeting covers the latest discoveries across the spectrum of cancer research—from population science and prevention; to cancer biology, translational, and clinical studies; to survivorship and advocacy—and highlights the work of the best minds in research and medicine from institutions all over the world.

36th SCI Process Development Symposium

The symposium aims to bring together a wide range of speakers from across the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Fine Chemical industries, as well as from an academic background. This meeting brings together experts from across the entire spectrum of the discipline to present state of the art process development.

Intersol 2019

Concept Life Sciences are proud to be attending the International Conference Exhibition on Soils, Sediments & Water in Lille. The conference promises a strong and diverse technical program with a variety of educational, social, and networking opportunities. Live equipment demonstrations augment the exhibition hall,

6th NovAliX Conference

The sixth edition of the conference intends again to bring together biophysicists and medicinal chemists, the synergy between their disciplines being key to deliver better drugs on a shorter timeline. It will cover current hot topics including the complementarity between two major structural biology techniques,

The International Food & Drink Event (IFE19)

The International Food & Drink Event (IFE) is a celebration of 1,350 innovative, global and cutting-edge food & drink manufacturers. it allows for the discovery of emerging trends by meeting thousands of future focused producers face-to-face at the UK’s leading and largest food and drink industry event.

6th National Retrosynthesis Competition

For many years, the UK has produced high calibre synthetic organic chemists, able to retrosynthetically disconnect complex molecules and natural products then solve the challenging problem associated with the forward synthesis. We are pleased to announce that Concept Life Sciences have made it to the final of the National Retrosynthesis Competition for the 3rd year in a row.

SOT Annual Meeting 2019

Concept Life Sciences is excited to be attending SOT Annual Meeting in March 2019. The event will encompass of over 6,000 scientists and industry leaders meeting to share the latest knowledge in toxicology.
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