Small Molecules for Immunology & Oncology

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural Small Molecules for Immunology & Oncology conference is a merging of our long-standing Inflammation Inhibitors meeting with our more recent Small Molecules for Cancer Immunotherapy conference in recognition of the commonalities among the drug targets in both fields from the standpoint of a medicinal chemist.

Evidence is mounting that autoimmunity/inflammation versus cancer can be considered two sides of the same coin. Inflammation arises when the immune system is overactive whereas cancer is largely a result of an underactive or subverted immune system. Hence medicinal chemists often design drugs against the same target for these seemingly opposite diseases: developing antagonists to inhibit autoimmunity/inflammation or agonists for the same molecular target to activate the immune system against cancer. We hope you can join fellow chemists at this event to share strategies, successes and challenges in discovering and optimizing drug candidates that have the potential to be orally bioavailable modulators of the immune system be it for cancer or other diseases.