Plugging the Antibiotics Gap: A Medicinal Chemist’s Perspective

Sustained under-investment in antimicrobials has led to a severe shortage of new drugs for treating infection. At a time when emerging antimicrobial resistance is decreasing the efficacy of existing treatments, it is more important than ever that we refresh the drug pipeline with new antimicrobials that act on new targets with novel modes of action.

Faced with this growing healthcare issue, renewed interest from both industry and academia has led to a resurgence in antimicrobial drug discovery. This meeting aims to look at the current state of the art from a medicinal chemist’s perspective and will focus on the particular challenges associated with discovering and developing new antimicrobials. Speakers from industry and academia will describe their own strategies for addressing these challenges whilst showcasing the opportunity for creativity and innovation.

Bringing together leading exponents in the field, the meeting will appeal to anyone with an interest in antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial drug discovery. With great opportunities for academic–industrial partnerships, researchers from both sectors will benefit from the networking opportunities that the meeting will also offer. For more information, visit the SCI website.