The Joint DMDG/GMP Open Meeting 2016

The theme for the 2 day event programme is around ‘Back to Le Futur of Drug Metabolism and Disposition‘ and caters for the breadth of membership for both the DMDG and GMP organisations.

Amongst the 2016 Organising Committee is; Vassilios Aslanis and Suzanne Iverson Hemberg (Chairs), Charbel Azar, Sylvaine Cartot-Cotton, Marion Dehez, Jo Goodman, Claire Henson, Peter Kilford, Marion Millet, Olivier Petricoul, Graeme Scarfe, Antonin Schmitt, Becky Scott, Mark Seymour, Rowan Stringer, Marc Trellu.

Attending the 2 day event is our European Business Development Executive Dr Sascha Hartmann. For more information about the event, visit the DMDG website.