Exposure Control and Containment II

The British Occupational Hygiene Society and the Occupational Hygiene Society of Ireland are collaborating to organise a two day conference on Exposure Control and Containment, following the success of their first joint event in 2014.

The focus of the conference is in the specification, design, installation, testing, maintenance and operation of engineering control measures to minimise health risks in the workplace. It is aimed at people involved in these aspects of exposure control and will appeal to delegates from various industry sectors small and large including electronics, engineering, construction, pharma, fine chemicals, oil and gas, education and other sectors.

Successful control of exposure relies on effective partnerships between a range of disciplines.  Correct specification and design alone will not guarantee adequate exposure control Рperformance is also impacted by factors such as acceptance by the end-user, the adequacy of maintenance arrangements, and human factors. This conference presents an opportunity for individuals from different disciplines to come together and build mutual understanding on the various facets of this complex and interesting topic.