European Regulatory Toxicology Conference: The Regulatory Acceptance of Alternatives to Animal Testing

The European Regulatory Toxicology Conference, with specific focus on the regulatory acceptance of alternatives to animal testing, is coming to St Anne’s College, Oxford on 24 May.

With the move in the EU Regulatory Environment to animal testing being the action of last resort, this is sure to be an informative event and an area of interest for everyone involved in chemicals, biocides or agrochemical registration.

Topics include an overview of alternative test methods, skin and eye irritation, skin sensitisation, carcinogenicity and mutagenicity, in silico methods and future moves to further replace animals in regulatory testing.

There will be plenty of opportunity to network with colleagues and speakers and it will appeal to all stakeholders in the regulatory community from active substance manufacturers, formulating and retailing companies, regulatory authorities and service providers such as law firms, consultants, laboratory service providers.

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