17th Annual Drug Discovery Summit 2016

The discovery landscape has shifted over the past few years – we have seen the resurgence of phenotypic screening, the shift from high throughput screening to high content analysis, novel applications of genomic technologies and a renewed emphasis on the role of collaboration and open innovation models. We are also seeing an increased focus on strengthening data and knowledge management in R&D pipelines to make the most of discovery data, with researchers seeking new techniques to manage complex early stage discovery portfolios and for library optimisation.

2016’s event features two exciting new streams, both focusing on the latest trends in drug discovery. Our large molecule discovery stream will explore the discovery of novel immuno-oncology drugs and cell therapies. Our second new stream will address the most innovative new modalities in drug discovery, this year the main topics will be natural products, the microbiome, and the use of genome editing technologies in drug discovery research. In addition to exploring the trends outlined above, our speakers will tackle current debates in the industry such as the value of phenotypic screening over target-based screening, finding physiologically relevant screen models using 3D models and iPSC, and new methods to target GPCRs and ion channels.

For more information, visit the Oxford Global website.