CXR Biosciences’ pharmaceutical discovery toxicology services summarised in new brochure publication

Preclinical toxicity remains a significant cause of compound failure during pharmaceutical development.  In order to reduce the rate of compound attrition, there is an increasing emphasis on identifying and characterising potential toxicological liabilities in the discovery phase of R&D, prior to candidate selection.  This discipline is generally termed discovery toxicology, and the approach and methods required differ from those required for traditional regulatory toxicology.  CXR Biosciences focuses on providing discovery and investigativetoxicology services, and our discovery toxicology expertise is now conveniently summarised in a single publication.

CXR Biosciences and its staff have an extensive track record in discovery toxicology, having supported the programs of innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for many years.  We can support your research programs from target selection through to candidate selection and beyond, by offering target safety reviews, and bespoke in vitro and in vivo studies to identify and assess potential toxic liabilities.  Results can also be used to drive design of regulatory preclinical studies, and prospective engagement of regulators.

Working with CXR can provide access to expertise that may not be in-house, or access to experienced resource to manage peaks and troughs in your discovery toxicology workload.  We provide services ranging from complete outsourcing of discovery toxicology programs, to running individual discovery toxicology studies designed by the customer.  We understand the scientific and industry context in which the studies are performed, and our flexible scheduling means we can deliver quality data in the short timeframes demanded by a pharmaceutical research organisation.