CXR Biosciences holds inaugural Scientific Advisory Board with eminent investigative toxicologists drawn from the agrochemical, chemical & pharmaceutical industries and academia

Following several years of rapid commercial growth, CXR Biosciences, the investigative and exploratory toxicology company, held its inaugural Scientific Advisory Board this month.

The meeting was held from the 5th to the 7th October, and was attended by the following advisory board members:

  • Professor Lewis Smith, Professor at the University of Leicester and former Global Head of Regulatory Sciences at Syngenta
  • Professor Herman Autrup, Professor in environmental medicine, School of Public Health, University of Aarhus, Denmark; President IUTOX, Chair of HESI Board of Trustees
  • Dr John Doe, independent consultant with Parker Doe and former Head Product Safety at Syngenta
  • Dr Ernie Harpur, Associate Lecturer at the Institute of Cellular Medicine at Newcastle University, former Global Head Science and Regulatory Standards, Drug Safety Assessment, Sanofi-Aventis
  • Dr Cliff Elcombe, Research Director at CXR Biosciences
  • Dr Mark Graham, Pharmaceutical Investigative & Discovery Toxicology Consultant at CXR, and former Global Head of Discovery Toxicology at Astra Zeneca
  • Also in attendance as a consultant to the advisory board was Dr Jim Bus, Senior Managing Scientist Toxicology & Mechanistic Biology at Exponent, and former Head of Toxicology, Dow Chemical Company

The board reviewed CXR’s scientific expertise and project experience in the fields of investigative, exploratory and discovery toxicology in the agrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  They also spent time in the CXR laboratories, which have benefited from considerable investment this year, including two new mass spectrometers (a Sciex 6500 triple-quad mass spectrometer and a Xevo G2-XS QTof/Tof, taking the total number of mass spectrometers at CXR to five).  2014 has also been a year of considerable investment in CXR’s scientific expertise, and the Scientific Advisory Board were able to spend time with our Principal Scientists, Dr Eddie Doyle, Dr Carol Murray, and recent recruits Dr Audrey Vardy and Dr Damon Lowes.

The board provided valuable scientific advice and direction regarding the current and future mechanistic toxicological needs of industry, and the capabilities CXR requires to support these.  Upon conclusion of the meeting, the board was unanimous in its opinion that CXR is uniquely experienced as a commercial preclinical Contract Research Organisation to support the investigative and exploratory/discovery toxicology needs of the agrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

About CXR

Founded in 2001, CXR Biosciences® uses its collaborative approach and toxicological expertise to help customers, both large and small, solve issues relating to the safety of compounds or selection of research candidates. CXR Biosciences® offers tailored preclinical services in the areas of investigative & mechanistic toxicology, exploratory & discovery toxicology and pharmacokinetics & metabolism. Our customers include leading pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical, consumer product and biotechnology companies.  CXR Biosciences® is located in Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom and is a Scottish Enterprise supported company.