CXR Biosciences Co-Founder Awarded Prestigious Risk Assessment Award at SOT

Dr. Cliff Elcombe, Director of Research and Co-Founder of CXR Biosciences Ltd, has been awarded “The Best Presentation in Risk Assessment” at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. At the annual largest meeting for world experts in toxicology, with over 6000 attendees, Dr. Elcombe was honoured for his team’s trail blazing work using transADMET™ models to investigate the molecular mechanisms of toxicity and carcinogenesis.

The CXR Biosciences team and partners TaconicArtemis, collaborating in a research programme funded by Scottish Enterprise, have developed a series of innovative mouse models (“transADMET™”) for the improved prediction of human response to potential carcinogens. In the transADMET™ models, key murine genes involved in drug metabolism and dispostition have either been exchanged for their human counterparts, or knocked out for use as controls. His presentation elegantly demonstrated how these novel tools could play an invaluable role in determining the relevance of preclinical rodent liver tumours to human safety assessment.

Dr Elcombe is internationally renowned for his work in toxicology and carcinogenesis and he has previously been the recipient of several international scientific awards, such as the European Society of Toxicology’s Young Scientist Award and John Hopkins CAAT Recognition Award. Author of over 100 scientific publications, Dr Elcombe also sits on several international expert committees.

On receiving the award, Dr. Elcombe said: ‘I feel very privileged to have received this prestigious award from the Society of Toxicology, I would very much like to say that honours such as this reflect the combined contributions of many individuals who have worked on this research program, internally at CXR and externally at TaconicArtemis and Scottish Enterprise.’

After working in West Germany and the USA, he further developed his expertise in toxicology at the Zeneca Central Toxicology Laboratory (CTL), Macclesfield, UK, where he spent 18 fruitful years. In addition to his role as Director of Research of CXR Biosciences, Dr. Elcombe is currently a Senior Lecturer at Biomedical Research Institute at the University of Dundee, UK.

In December 2001, Dr. Cliff Elcombe, together with Professor Roland Wolf, founded CXR Biosciences in Dundee to provide innovative solutions for evaluating compound safety in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. He has been Director of Research of the company since its foundation and plays a key role in the development of CXR’s technology platforms and novel approaches to problem solving.

Dr. Shepherd, Chief Executive of CXR commented: “This research project that has resulted in the transADMET™ models has required a major commitment from CXR, TaconicArtemis and Scottish Enterprise over several years in order to overcome the significant scientific challenges. This recognition from leading toxicologists that our work has made an important contribution to the risk assessment of pharmaceuticals and chemicals is very timely as these models now move into industrial usage”.

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