Solid Forms in Drug Discovery

During this webinar, we look specifically at Solid forms in drug discovery and development, which remains an area of intense interest to the pharmaceutical industry and consequently to the CROs supporting medicinal chemistry projects . Understanding and control of crystalline solid form is fundamental to both efficient large scale synthesis and the creation of stable, consistent and effective drug formulations.

Key Learning Objectives:

The importance of solid form in drug discovery and how discovery and medicinal chemists can collaborate most effectively with pharmaceutical scientists and structural informatics experts to optimise drug performance.

  • The impact of uncontrolled crystal form polymorphism and the effect it can have on pharmaceutical drug product robustness.
  • How the latest developments in structural informatics can provide confidence and predictability in polymorph studies.
  • This webinar will discuss how the skills and knowledge of discovery chemists and pharmaceutical scientists can be applied most effectively to solve solid form problems and how modern structural informatics can give new insights into polymorph studies.
For students, professionals and those looking to gain a wider knowledge of discovery, prediction and control of solid form- not to be missed.

This webinar has finished, please click here for free access to the recorded video.

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