Chemical Testing of Asbestos Containing Soil Samples – Now with NO Restrictions!

With effect from Monday 21th May 2012, SAL’s Manchester laboratory will no longer restrict the chemical analysis which can be undertaken on asbestos containing soil samples. Prior to this date, samples with a known asbestos content could not undergo the drying, crushing and sieving stages required prior to certain analyses (e.g. metals).

SAL’s continuous strive to offer a client led and quality driven service has led to significant investment in the soil preparation areas to control the potential release of asbestos fibres into the laboratory environment. A revised and updated dust extraction mechanism has been installed, along with a series of new HEPA filtered cabinets. A new procedure to deal with asbestos containing samples has been written and adopted.

This latest development compliments SAL’s existing capability at the Manchester site to provide a phased approach to asbestos quantification in soil samples:

  • Stage 1 – Asbestos ID test (in accordance with HSG248) by microscopy.
  • Stage 2 – Quantification of the asbestos content with any detected asbestos containing materials.
  • Stage 3 – Suspension and quantification of any detected loose asbestos fibres.

A reporting limit of 0.001% is applicable.

No restrictions on the testing that can be undertaken on asbestos containing soil samples means that MCERTS accredited chemical testing can now be undertaken and reported on such samples.

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