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Senior / Principal formulation Scientist – Sandwich


The Senior Formulator manages a technical function (formulation and pre-formulation) and uses diverse approaches and analytical methods / techniques to solve problems for external and internal stakeholders. Such problems might focus on substances, compounds, formulations, investigational or commercial products, materials. The Senior Formulator has overall responsibility for ensuring the delivery of programmes within their technical function and has the credibility and scientific / technical skills appropriate to that function, enabling them to direct the work and ensure effective management of resources and time. Works with business development and senior management on the strategic development of the business within their field of expertise.

The role holder shall demonstrate a high level of knowledge and capability when supporting the business. In addition, they will demonstrate the ability to analyse and interpret information, write or review technical and scientific reports, and design / manage complex projects.


The Senior Formulator will schedule their daily work activities in agreement with their line manager, with a typical priority order of:

  • Overseeing and guiding the projects assigned to them or where they are consulting as an expert. Where necessary and appropriate, carrying out practical work and drafting / reviewing reports.
  • Internal projects and initiatives (against set company objectives), including project design and supporting business development / proposal generation.
  • Continuous improvement; ensuring relevant quality standards are maintained.
  • Other work, as agreed.


To do this the role holder shall:

  • Manage and carry out revenue generating laboratory-based formulation and pre-formulation project work, applying diverse techniques to a wide range of sample types and technical challenges, acting as lead scientist, project manager, or internal consultant, as required.
  • Specifically, manage or oversee client programmes focussing on pre-formulation and proof-of-concept early formulation. Carry out relevant data interpretation and report writing; peer review of data / reports generated by colleagues.
  • Work with Section Managers / Team Leaders to ensure suitable resources (staff, equipment etc.) are available to meet scientific and business needs; for projects they are managing, work to ensure delivery is timely and within budget.
  • Provide technical support and guidance to colleagues at Bradford and more widely across the Group; work with Section Managers and Team Leaders to mentor and coach team members in the pre-formulation and formulations fields.
  • Where required and relevant, providing troubleshooting guidance for: methods, instruments, data interpretation.
  • Within specialist area, advising commercial colleagues on the most appropriate solution to customer problems, including solutions not currently offered by Concept Life Sciences Bradford (but may be offered within the Group or could be offered through capital expenditure). Will contribute to, and review, discipline-related quotes and proposals when required to do so.
  • Within specialist area, liaising and consulting with appropriate colleagues within the Group to facilitate meeting a customer requirement or provide technical / instrumentation support and back up.
  • Maintain a high level of innovation and scientific expertise, through the application of original thought in the development of creative solutions to technical problems. Lead general problem-solving and problem-solving initiatives within their function, identifying creative solutions.
  • Actively seek out value-adding initiatives that contribute to the development of Concept Life Sciences, Bradford (e.g. new service offerings).
  • Identify technical opportunities and developments which offer better ways for Concept Life Sciences, Bradford to deliver programs and work.
  • Client visits, presentations, liaison; inter-group liaison, internal projects and initiatives.
  • Contributing to and adhering to company standard operating procedures.
  • Will follow and abide by all H&S regulations and report any deviations or improvements to the H&S Officer. Have a responsibility for preparing and reviewing task risk assessments and COSHH assessments as appropriate. May be an active contributor to the Health & Safety team activities
  • Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to Quality. Will follow and abide by all relevant cGMP, GLP and ISO9001 regulations and report any deviations or improvements to the QA Manager.
  • Provide input into quality documentation (including SOPs, analytical procedures, validation protocols and reports) where relevant.



  • General oversight of all Concept Life Sciences Bradford client work within their field of expertise, working with colleagues to ensure such work is delivered to the appropriate level of quality / scientific integrity, and in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Management and execution of revenue generating laboratory-based formulation and pre-formulation project work, acting as lead scientist, project manager, or internal consultant, as required.
  • Acting as an internal consultant for relevant customer studies under the remit of e.g. Programme Managers or colleagues from other sites.
  • May have specific instrument supervisor responsibilities; providing technical direction / experimental design / data interpretation support for analytical techniques for which he / she is an expert user.
  • Communicating effectively with colleagues throughout the business to share technical knowledge and resources, and generally support relevant business activity.
  • Liaising with customers on a strategic level; design of complex client programmes; regular customer presentation. Contribution to winning work, quoting and business development as required.

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