Pharmocokinetics and bioanalysis

Our ADMET suite of services is built on a solid foundation of quality validated robust assays. Choose from our menu of individual assays, a modified assay design or the option of a customised assay design.  

We can help you make technical choices or strategic decisions on test compound characterization, SAR generation or optimising compound design. Where necessary, thorough validation will be exercised prior to running a customised experiment. Our facilities are operated by expert scientists according to a strict SOP management system.  We perform individual assay parameter monitoring for every run, including constantly recording and tracking our assays’ reagent batches and control performances to maintain our very high standards.

Our in vivo PK and bioanalytical services include:
  • Analytical method development
  • Determination of PK parameters, whole blood, plasma
  • Microsampling PK capabilities
  • Bile duct cannulated studies
  • Organ distribution
  • Brain distribution and CSF sampling
  • In vivo metabolism (hot and cold)
  • In vitro and in vivo absorption of even the most challenging compounds and mixtures

We offer tightly controlled matrix-matched analytical calibrations that are cross-validated using independently prepared QC preparations. Strict acceptance criteria ensure confidence in the data.