Nucleoside, nucleotide and carbohydrate chemistry

Led by highly experienced project managers, our teams can undertake all aspects of nucleoside and nucleotide projects. This combination of experience and expertise delivers rapid acclimatisation to the project’s requirements, fresh creative strategies for compound design and world class synthetic execution.

We have considerable experience in the synthesis of:
  • Novel sugars
  • Novel purine and pyrimidine derived bases
  • Sugar-base couplings
  • Monophosphates, triphosphates and modified triphosphates
  • Phosphoramidate pro-drugs
Compound purification and characterisation are achieved by:
  • Validated HPLC/ion exchange systems and methods specifically for nucleosides/nucleotides
  • ELS and mass-directed prep HPLC detectors for the purification of UV-inactive sugars
  • CHRIST ALPHA 2-4 LSC freeze-dryer for isolation of purified material
  • 300 & 400 MHz NMR for stereochemistry determination experiments