Mitochondrial toxicity

We have the facilities to run a large number of in vitro mitochondrial toxicity assays. The optimal choice of test systems and endpoints we would recommend depends very much on the stage of development, number of compounds and whether there is any concern around specific modes of toxicity or tissue/organ toxicity.

The following assays are currently available (not HTS) in isolated mitochondria and/or cell cultures (primary or immortalised):
  • ATP concentration
  • Respiration and respiratory control (ratio of state3 / state 4)
    Oxygen consumption (oxygen electrode and spectrophotometer)
  • Mitochondrial membrane potential
  • Mitochondrial swelling (isolated mitochondria only)
  • Reactive Oxygen Species and GSH concentrations
  • Fatty acid beta-oxidation (usually in isolated mitochondria)
    14C-fatty acid metabolism
  • Apoptosis
    TUNEL or caspase 3 release, e.g. in cultured hepatocytes