Ion channel development

Our medicinal chemistry, ion channel biology and safety pharmacology team supports integrated drug discovery for ion channel targets. We develop robust translational ion channel screening assays for target based and phenotypic screening, from hit-to-lead through to candidate.

Experienced electrophysiologists have access to native tissues and human derived IPSC stem cells, as well as overexpressed human ion channel cell libraries that are optimised for automated patch clamp.

Complementary gigaseal platforms and manual patch provide high fidelity and high throughput automatic patch clamp assays for optimisation and in depth investigative and mechanistic studies. Multi-electrode array is available for phenotypic assays in stem cells and native tissues.

Translational phenotypic models using brain slices, cortical neurones and Dorsal root ganglia from animals and humans, can address cardiac arrythmogenic potential and neuronal synaptic transmission pain. We carry out cardiac safety assessments using a CiPA compliant panel of cardiac ion channels, in silico arrythmogenic assessment and human IPSc stem cell derived cardiac myocytes.

Our ADMET & DMPK and toxicokinetic expertise aids the design of CNS penetrant and peripherally restricted molecules, metabolite identification, DDI and assessment of efficacious and adverse exposure levels. Our safety pharmacologists also perform candidate safety assessments and integrated risk assessments.