in vitro ADMET

Our range of in vitro ADMET models deliver high quality, accurate and reproducible data. With efficient turnaround times, we can help accelerate a drug discovery programme.

In addition to our core assays, we offer clients the option of customised assay design within a completely confidential service. We have the technology to carry out parallel reactions, either in solution-phase or solid-phase. Complementing our in vitro service, we also offer in silico ADMET screening to aid compound design.

Our in vitro ADMET services include:
Physchem properties
  • Solubility
  • Log D (shake flask method at pH7.4)
  • In vitro non-specific binding
  • Chemical stability
Absorption permeability
  • Caco permeability (plus BCRP and/or BCRP substrate identification)
  • MDCK-MDR1  (Pgp substrate identification)
  • MDCK-BCRP  (BCRP substrate identification)
  • Plasma protein binding
  • Whole blood binding
  • Blood to plasma ratio
  • Brain tissue binding
  • Microsome binding
  • Intestinal tissue binding
  • Simulated gastric fluid
  • Microsome stability
  • Hepatocyte stability
  • Plasma stability
  • S9 stability
  • Identification of CYP450s involved in metabolism
  • Metabolite profiling and identification
Drug-drug interactions
  • CYP inhibition 
  • Time-dependant inhibition (single concentration)
  • PXR, AhR, CAR Nuclear Hormone Receptor Activation
  • CYP induction in rat and human hepatocytes
  • Various end-points
  • LDH
  • Neutral red
  • MTS
  • Mitochondrial toxicity
Cardiac safety panel
  • hERG 
  • CiPA screening strategy
Customised Assay Design
  • Time-points
  • Test concentrations
  • Customer-specific controls
  • Validation