Concept can help you understand the immunomodulatory effects of your drug candidates within the tumour microenvironment and/or in combination with other immune modulators, efficiently progressing your route to clinic.

We have extensive in vitro immunology (human and mouse), pre-clinical immuno-oncology and specialist multiplex histology experience. Our suite of available immuno-oncology services and assays can be specifically tailored to your project.

Please get in touch to discuss how Concept can help you with your immuno-oncology, immunology or specialist histology research needs.

Our IO services include:

  • Exhausted CD4+ T Cell assay
  • Human PBMC & T Cell Activation assays
  • Human Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions
  • Human DC, Macrophage and Co-culture assays
  • T Cell Killing assay
  • Treg Suppression Assay
  • NK Cell assay
  • Specialist Multiplex Histology

For more information on these services please visit Aquila BioMedical, a Concept Life Sciences company.