Elemental Analysis

A skilled approach is essential to elemental analysis and trace metals testing, Concept Life Sciences has one of the largest ICP-MS and OES fleets operating to cGMP in the UK, together with the experience and skills to handle drug substance, excipients and drug products in accordance with ICH Q3D, USP <232> / <233> and Ph Eur Pharmacopoeias.

We have significant capacity enabling us to start your project when required and our highly qualified analytical scientists have many years of experience in sample preparation for low level elemental analysis.

Our sample preparation capability includes microwave digestion and experience with a wide range of digestion media including organic solvents, hydrogen peroxide and mineral acids, including Hydrofluoric Acid.

A wide range of complementary elemental techniques and services are also available at Concept Life Sciences for elemental analysis:

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (6 x ICP-OES, 7 x ICP-MS).
  • X-Ray Fluorescence.
  • Anionic & Cationic Ion Chromatography.
  • Flame Photometry.
  • Cold Vapour Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
  • Total Carbon Analysis (and speciation into inorganic, organic and elemental forms).
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDX Detection.
  • Extractables & Leachables Testing Services.
  • Pharmaceutical Salt Screening.
  • Total N and S by oxidation/IR.
  • Wavelength Dispersive XRF.