We work with clients from target identification through to candidate selection and pre-clinical support. Target pathway analysis conducted by our pharmacologists, medicinal chemists and toxicologists at the beginning of a programme can provide an early safety prediction and help to develop a translational screening strategy for assessing target and chemical tractability.

Our translational pharmacology delivers target based and phenotypic screening strategies relevant to human diseases and provides relevant hit-to-lead and lead optimisation. Experienced safety pharmacologists and toxicologists carry out risk and human liability assessments to support customised mitigation strategies to reduce late stage attrition.

With our expertise in investigational toxicology we can identify and investigate pre-clinical toxicology signals and assess their potential relevance to humans.

Using the most relevant in vitro ADMET & DMPK assays we can help drive medicinal chemistry design and optimisation. We develop DMPK models to ensure target engagement and development of PK/PD relationships. Toxicokinetics provides the context for drug related safety concerns and relevance for human exposure and dose selection.


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