Concept Life Sciences has an extensive track record in the design, performance and interpretation of pre-clinical investigative, mechanistic and exploratory/discovery toxicology programmes.

These programmes are typically intended to identify the toxicological mode of action (MOA)/adverse outcome pathway (AOP) affected by the compound in question.  We establish custom in vitro and in vivo models to answer specific toxicological questions.

We also offer exploratory and discovery toxicology services to characterise potential (for example on-target) or observed toxicity issues.  Through an understanding of mechanistic toxicology at the early research stage, we can generate information that informs molecule design, candidate selection and translational risk assessment.

If required we can build and deploy novel in vitro mechanistic assays for screening of candidate compounds to provide comparative data on toxicological risk. This data can be used to drive further chemistry. Our experience in this area spans the agrochemical, chemical, consumer products and pharmaceutical industries.


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