From first concept to the launch of a finished product, we offer a comprehensive range of integrated services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, chemical and consumer industries. Whatever the requirement, we provide support at every stage of the discovery and development process.

Our expertise in medicinal chemistry, specialist chemistry, translational biology, ADMET & DMPK, can add value to a discovery programme and enhance its probability of success. At the same time our scientific knowledge, skills, equipment and techniques play a vital role in turning drug candidates into first-in-man formulations. We are experts in method development, API characterisation, screening, stability studies and pre-clinical formulation.

We have a unique track record spanning over 25 years that has involved our scientists working on numerous collaborative projects and engaging in science-led peer-to-peer discussions across many different sectors.

By designing and creating novel motifs that can be turned into nominated drugs for pre-clinical development, we are helping to combat and prevent disease, promote wellbeing and feed an ever-growing population.

  • Integrated Discovery Services

    Today's exciting advances in the life sciences are allowing us to target ever more challenging and subtle...

  • Integrated Development Services

    Our Integrated Development Services division is playing a vital role in helping to turn drug candidates into first-in-man...