From routine testing, to monitoring and specialist analysis, we provide an extensive range of integrated analytical services support focused on the life sciences, food & consumer services, industrial and environmental services. Our highly-experienced team is focussed on technical excellence and providing the flexible support our clients demand. We store our test reports online in our bespoke Laboratory Information System to provide secure, quick and easy access to results as soon as the information is available. All our work is carried out in modern well equipped laboratory facilities.

Our analytical services support the life sciences through each stage of the formulation process, from method development, verification and validation, through API characterisation to screening and stability studies. We also test raw materials, feedstocks and other commodities, ingredients and components used in a wide range of products.

We provide a broad range of analytical services to the food industry covering pesticides, contaminants, micro-pollutants, microbiology, nutrition and allergens. These are performed to the highest standards and covered by extensive accreditation. Our technicians understand the needs of the industry and the importance of working to agreed timescales. They have a wealth of experience in providing data that complies with food and feed law. With our online sample registration and reporting systems, clients benefit from an efficient workflow and quick access to report data.

In the environmental sector we carry out analysis of soil, solids, sediments, water, leachates, wastes, RDF, SRF, WAC and radioactive materials. We have the resources to deliver a fast turnaround on sample analysis and offer an unrivalled accreditation service. Our focus is always on customer service. As well as delivering robust, trustworthy data to a consistently high standard, we have a track record in finding solutions to difficult or unusual problems.

We are experts in testing and monitoring air samples and other chemicals that can impact on people’s health, including restricted substances in electrical products. We offer a full range of specialist occupational hygiene and biological monitoring services and we are market leaders in analysing stack emissions and ambient air. Our product and environmental odour assessments are used to identify problems in many industrial processes. Other major areas of expertise include analysis of landfill gas and indoor air quality to meet British BREEAM certification standards.

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

    We provide a wide range of analytical services for life sciences to support each stage of the formulation development...

  • Food & Consumer Services

    Food testing at Concept Life Sciences, from nutritional analysis to pesticide screening, we have the resources...

  • Chemicals

    Concept Life Sciences can assist you with a tailor-made program to support your dossier submissions under the REACH...