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Amplify analytics

Amplify analytics is a partnership between Concept Life Sciences and our Spectris company colleagues, Malvern Panalytical, World leading suppliers of analytical instrumentation.

Together, we offer flexible and scalable services which solve key challenges, reduce risks, and accelerate progress across the drug development pipeline. Our strength lies in the rapid identification of drug candidates which meet our customers’ requirements for bioavailability and processability.

Solve key challenges and reduce risks

Amplify Analytics offers a range of services, which extends from supplying access to specific analytical capabilities such as a method validation or transfer, to providing a fully integrated drug discovery and development program. We can supply complete third-party management of an entire project or even deploy techniques, training, and data interpretation support in your own laboratories. We also offer GMP scale-up and manufacture.

Each of our services is designed in collaboration with you to enable fast, reliable decision-making on the suitability of drug candidates for further development.
Where Amplify Analytics differs from other CDMOs is in our offer of bespoke, robust analytics backed up by Malvern Panalytical’s physicochemical expertise and unparalleled data quality, providing rapid, confident decision-making for drug developability and scale-up. The result is a range of uniquely scalable services that deliver tailored combinations of analytics, know-how, instrumentation and expert support.

Contact us today to discuss how we can speed up and optimize your pharmaceutical development workflow.