Agenda 1 support Channel 5 investigation into dermal fillers.

As a very flexible laboratory, Agenda 1 receive a wide range of enquiries, so when a request to support Channel 5 News was received, we were intrigued but not phased. However, when the results of their investigation became public, we were stunned by the level of interest it generated. The Channel 5 team had clearly carried out a highly professional investigation, resulting in the product being removed from sale in the UK. Our part was to investigate some of the contents, applying our expertise , since the client (Channel 5) clearly had no methods. As always with the media (we have helped other investigations) time was of the essence but we delivered on time (and budget). It was perhaps “above and beyond” when the film crew arrived, but the team and especially Simon Bristow our Technical director, rose to the opportunity to be TV stars as if born to the life. Next stop the Oscars!