• Concept’s Cambridge pesticide testing laboratory achieves outstanding results in proficiency testing carried out by the EURL.
  • Laboratory gains further accreditations to expand portfolio of analytical services.

Concept Life Sciences further ensures quality and integrity with the continual achievement of outstanding results in the proficiency testing (PT) rounds organised by the European Reference Laboratory (EURL).

Over the last three years, Concept has participated in approximately 48 rounds of PT, the majority organised by independent consultancies including FAPAS and EURL. These tests have covered a total of 202 pesticide actives. Out of the 400 incurred/added analytes, Concept successfully detected all 400 substances present, with no false positives, obtaining results of over 97% within the acceptable Z-Score of +/- 2.

Proficiency testing is an inherent part of any ISO17025 accredited laboratory’s quality system. The testing rounds involve providing results for ‘blind’ samples, and the data from all laboratories is then collated and statistically analysed. The data and feedback is of benefit to customers as it provides confidence and assurance that the laboratory is performing with high levels of accuracy and reliability.

Based in Cambridge, Concept’s pesticide testing laboratory is the largest in the UK and is a major facility within Europe, processing over 33,000 samples with >10,000,000 tests per annum. As part of the Company’s continuous improvement process, Concept has expanded its portfolio of services having recently gained accreditation for samples of tea and egg. The Cambridge laboratory uses state-of-the-art GC and LC triple quad mass spectrometry instruments and is poised for significant investment later this year to further expand its capability and capacity.

John Handley, Chief Operating Officer, Concept Life Sciences, said:“Concept has an outstanding track record of quality and proven expertise, alongside excellent service and technical support. We take pride in our continued, high quality performance and the standard of our offerings.”

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