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Research carried out at Concept Life Sciences (formerly CXR Biosciences), the investigative & exploratory toxicology company, is being presented in two posters at the upcoming Society Of Toxicology (SOT) 2017 annual meeting in Baltimore on 12th – 16th March.  This mechanistic research has been performed in partnership with Endura SpA, Science Strategies LLC and Honeywell.

One poster, authored by Tom Osimitz (Science Strategies LLC), Endura SpA & Concept Life Sciences, and supported by the Piperonyl Butoxide Task Force II (PBTFII), presents results of mechanistic studies with the pesticide synergist Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO).  Concept carried out studies in mouse and human hepatocytes measuring CYP induction and replicative DNA synthesis.  Results indicated that, like phenobarbital and other rodent CAR activators, the mode of action for PBO-induced mouse tumor formation is not relevant for humans.

The second poster, authored by Sandeep Mukhi of Honeywell, presents results of toxicogenomics studies with the oxime 2-Pentanone Oxime (2-PO).  Concept performed a toxicogenomics study to determine hepatotoxicity and carcinogenic potential of 2-PO in rats.  Based on pathways analysis, magnitude of gene expression, reversibility of effects and in corroboration with biological findings, it can be stated that 2-PO is likely to have no carcinogenic potential through a non-genotoxic mechanism.

Further details (poster number, title and authors) are as follows:

1259. Species Differences in Induction of Replicative DNA Synthesis (RDS) by Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) in Cultured Mouse and Human Hepatocytes

Barbara M. Elcombe1, Cliff R. Elcombe1, Audrey Vardy1, Andrew Cockburn2, Tom G. Osimitz3 and Brian G. Lake1

1 CXR Biosciences Ltd, Dundee, UK, 2 Endura SpA, Bologna, Italy & 3 Science Strategies LLC, Charlottesville, VA, USA.

1876.  Evaluation of toxicity and human health risk assessment for 2-Pentanone Oxime

Sandeep Mukhi1, Mark Chamberlain2, Jos van Triel3

1 Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies, 2 CXR Biosciences Ltd, 3 Triskelion B.V.


For further details, please contact us, or come see us at stand 1513 at SOT.