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CXR Biosciences, part of the Concept Life Sciences Group, held its second Scientific Advisory Board recently which focused on the mechanistic toxicology services required by the agrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer products industries.

CXR brought together experienced investigative toxicologists from across the various target industries to debate industry needs and emerging trends and how CXR could utilise its specific experience in this space to maximise the opportunities.

The SAB members included:

  • Professor Lewis Smith, Professor at the University of Leicester and former Global Head of Regulatory Sciences at Syngenta.
  • Professor Herman Autrup, Professor in environmental medicine, School of Public Health, University of Aarhus, Denmark; President IUTOX, Chair of HESI Board of Trustees.
  • Professor Brian Lake, associate toxicologist to CXR Biosciences and former Head of Molecular Sciences at BIBRA and Leatherhead Food Research.
  • Dr Cliff Elcombe, Research Director at CXR Biosciences[i]
  • Dr John Doe, independent consultant with Parker Doe and former Head Product Safety at Syngenta.
  • Dr Ernie Harpur, Associate Lecturer at the Institute of Cellular Medicine at Newcastle University, former Global Head Science and Regulatory Standards, Drug Safety Assessment, Sanofi-Aventis.
  • Dr Mark Graham, Pharmaceutical Investigative & Discovery Toxicology Consultant at CXR, and former Global Discipline Leader of Discovery Toxicology at Astra Zeneca.
  • Dr Jim Bus, Senior Managing Scientist Toxicology & Mechanistic Biology at Exponent, and former Head of Toxicology, Dow Chemical Company (in attendance as a consultant to the SAB)

The SAB concluded that CXR is uniquely positioned as a preclinical CRO to support the investigative and exploratory/discovery toxicology needs of its clients. This is evidenced by the strong growth of CXR in the past 2 years. Following the endorsement from the SAB, CXR remains committed to developing its scientists industrial toxicological expertise. It plans to support this by broadening its pool of industry experienced toxicologists by recruiting new team members, as well as the ongoing investment in new, state-of-the-art laboratory space, equipment and services.

Michael Fort, Chairman of Concept Life Sciences said: “The services we offer our clients are a vital link in the chain of them being able to bring their products to market. By ensuring these cutting edge services are delivered by the ‘best’ scientists we are not just providing data; but business critical information as well as the knowledge of what that means and how it informs product development going forwards. We work hard to not just be a service provider but a partner.”

Professor Lewis Smith, Professor at the University of Leicester and former Global Head of Regulatory Sciences at Syngenta and Chair of the CXR SAB said: “It is encouraging that CXR is running the business successfully and the people are open to direct and challenging questions. This enthusiastic and committed organisation will do well.”

[i] * Dr Cliff Elcombe, Research Director at CXR Biosciences was also in attendance. Sadly, Dr Elcombe passed away recently. We wanted to take this opportunity to recognise his role at CXR as well his significant contribution to the field of toxicology.