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CXR Biosciences, part of the Concept Life Sciences Group, has added in vitro dermal absorption studies to their already comprehensive portfolio of mechanistic toxicology and ADMET services.  This is also the first service that CXR offers to formal Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards, following a successful audit by the MHRA on 23rd June.

The purpose of dermal absorption studies is to obtain information on the amounts of the test substance that may enter the human body. Data are typically used for risk assessment, to compare formulations or to demonstrate bioequivalence, and CXR will provide this service to existing and new customers in the agrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer products industries.

To enable the launch, CXR Biosciences has invested in an expert team, and a dedicated state-of-the-art dermal laboratory that is equipped with both static and flow-through diffusion chambers. CXR Biosciences is also establishing mechanistic dermal metabolism and toxicology models and capabilities to further extend its range of dermal services.

Dermal services currently available at CXR include:

  • Consultation with regards how to design, run and interpret regulatory dermal absorption studies as per OECD and relevant industry guidance;
  • Custom study design for risk assessment, screening of chemical candidates and/or formulation selection;
  • Determination of potential bioequivalence by absorption profile;
  • Bioanalysis using labelled or non-labelled test material.

The dermal services will be led by Dr Craig Moore, Head of Dermal Services at CXR. Dr Moore, a PhD in Dermal Toxicology has significant industry experience having worked in the Dermal Toxicology department at Unilever prior to joining CXR.

Commenting on the launch of the dermal service, Dr Moore said “CXR already has a leading reputation for investigative toxicology, exploratory toxicology and ADMET expertise and services.  We have invested in our dermal absorption services based on feedback from our customers, who value CXRs excellence in in vitro methods and bioanalysis.  For example, we are already well known for our work on the absorption and metabolism of hard-to-analyse complex mixtures.  We look forward to providing our dermal absorption customers with the consultative, flexible, quality and timely service for which CXR is recognised in the marketplace.”

Following a successful MHRA audit, CXR Biosciences GLP dermal services will comply with OECD Test Guideline No. 428, as well as relevant industry-specific guidance for the agrochemical, consumer products and other industries. Mary Ballantyne, Site Director at CXR, commented: “in vitro dermal absorption is the first study that CXR offers to GLP, and the results of our audit on the 23rd June demonstrate the exacting quality standards already in place at CXR.  Going forward, we will look to extend our GLP footprint and offer further in vitro, ex vivo, bioanalytical and potentially in vivo studies to GLP, when requested by our customers.”

Commenting on the new service launch Michael Fort, Chief Executive of Concept Life Sciences said: “The rationale for the creation of the Concept Life Sciences Group was the recognition that there is a need in the market for a services organisation that has a proven track record in discovery science, problem solving and collaboration. By bringing together specialist organisations such as CXR we have been able to support the growth of the individual brands, such as with the launch of these dermal services, whilst developing a larger group that is unrivalled in terms of the breadth of services it can offer.”