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Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

With our proven track record in drug discovery support, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, toxicology, safety assessment and analytical services, you can trust our highly qualified team to understand your specific requirements. As an international CRO we can add value throughout your drug discovery and early stage development programme, from supporting candidate selection, through to target selection and product registration.

As fellow scientists, we speak your language, understand your therapies and appreciate the type of support you require when making critical decisions on the on-going viability of a project. We are great problem solvers. Our focus is on delivering a flexible and professional service that can respond to your needs. We provide products, services and solutions to some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

We can work on research models as well as discovery research studies. Our preclinical expertise includes investigative toxicology, discovery toxicology, metabolism and pharmacokinetics. We offer a range of specialist analysis services and the capability to perform over 35 analytical techniques, as well as formulation/salt/polymorph screening. Our analytical laboratories are equipped and maintained to provide a flexible and professional service in compliance with cGMP standards